The route out of lockdown has been decided and parts of life could start to feel a bit more normal – but when and how is it all going to happen?

We know that both primary and secondary schools in England will open on 8 March – at the same time people two people will be allowed to meet socially outdoors. After more restrictions are set to be lifted as the weeks go on.

When can I try on some new clothes?

The government’s second phase of easing is scheduled for 12 April, when non-essential shops can reopen.

It is not known what the policy will be on using changing rooms and each business is likely to be making its own plans.

When can I get a haircut or my nails done?

Hairdressers and beauty salons will also open on 12 April as personal care services get back to business for that much-needed trim or wax.

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What about the gym?

There have been calls for the opening of gyms to be made a priority because of the benefit they bring to people’s mental health.

However, gyms will also have to wait until 12 April when all indoor leisure facilities can resume trade.

People must work out alone or in household groups.

Drink a pint in a beer garden?

We know that the virus transmission risk outside is low, so parts of hospitality will be allowed to open up from 12 April, just after the Easter holidays.

That gives the green light for pub beer gardens and outside dining at restaurants. People must stick to the rule of six, or a larger group from just two households.

The "substantial meal" rule for ordering alcohol is also being dropped and there will be no curfew.

Sit inside a pub or restaurant – and go to the cinema?

We will have to wait another month – until 17 May.

This is when indoor hospitality is back in business, including restaurants, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, children’s play areas, hotels, B&Bs, and indoor exercise classes.

COVID-secure measures will stay and customers must still order, eat and drink while seated.

Groups will again be limited to the rule of six, or a bigger group from two households.

Can I go to a football match?

Premier League bosses were hopeful that fans would be back in stadiums before the end of the 2020/21 season on 23 May.

And fans may be able to get one game in when restrictions ease on 17 May.

The largest outdoor stadiums can have up to 10,000 people or be a quarter full – whichever is lower – if crowds can be properly spread out.

Smaller stadiums can have a maximum 4,000 people or be half full, whichever is lower.

See friends and family in my house?

The government is most concerned about indoor household to household transmission and many people have not been able to have anyone outside of their household in their homes for months.

While we will be able to meet family and friends outdoors from 29 March, we will also have to wait until 17 May to go round for a cuppa.

Again, the indoor maximum will be six people from multiple households, or a larger group from just two households.

When can I go on holiday in the UK?

Campsites and other self-contained accommodation where indoor facilities aren’t shared with other households can welcome visitors from 12 April.

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs open on 17 May, as part of the government’s third step.

Take a foreign holiday?

The government has said this will not resume before 17 May, but a taskforce to review global travel will report on 12 April with more details.

Ministers are trying to manage the risks of people bringing back other variants, such as the South African one, that are believed to be more resistant to vaccines.

Go clubbing or attend a festival?

Boris Johnson has talked about lateral flow tests being used to check people before entering a club, but some business owners have dismissed this as being impractical and time-consuming.

Clubs will be one of the last areas of hospitality to open due to the numbers of people and difficulty implementing social distancing.

However, the government has said they should be able to reopen – for the first time in more than a year – on 21 June.

This is when legal limits on social contact are scheduled to be removed.

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